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We offer a broad spectrum of workshops for schools, companies, camps, private parties, ... For every type of event or project, we can meet with your needs and provide you with a fitting workshop. This can range from a one-off workshop to long-term projects over a number of months / year. We always check with the applicant what is best for your event and tailor the workshop to your specific needs. This can also be linked to a performance by the lecturer after the workshop itself.

Besides the standard workshops we also have our mobile studio. This brings us to a chosen location where we record our own music number on the spot. This is usually done together as the grand finale of a workshop rap but we have also made theme songs with the accounting departments of some Belgian and foreign companies.

We have given workshops in all branches of the urban genre. This can go from rap to window painting. Below you can already find a selection of the workshops we have to offer. For specific questions, you can always contact us directly.

If you are looking to combine several workshops or the workshop you are looking for is not listed below do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will create the perfect combo for your project or event.  


Human Beatboxing or vocal percussion is  creating music with nothing but your mouth and the microphone. After this workshop you will be able to make music anywhere!


During the Graffiti workshop, the participants start using a home-made sketch to create a graffiti artwork. You will learn the different techniques and thus conjure up your creation on the wall!


Rap is the art of storytelling through Rhythm And Poetry. Listen to the groove and share your message by juggling syllables and rhyming words!


In this Beat Making workshop you will learn how to make music on the computer. You can create any type of music you want, from techno to hip hop. You will learn the tricks of the trade in this beat making workshop!


Turntablism is an advanced technique where the DJ uses his turntables as a musical instrument. You will learn how to use the record as a tool to create your own scratches, beats and sounds.


After this workshop a DJ booth will have no more secrets for you and you will have the knowledge and the skills to get started as a DJ!


During a Songwriting workshop you will write a song of our own under the guidance of an experienced singer-songwriter. We can write our own lyrics on an existing melody or we can create a completely new composition!


Always wanted to make your own music track? With our Pop-up Studio workshop this is now possible! Together we make a music song with all professional studio attributes!


During our workshop Breakdance you will learn how to move like a real B-Boy and B-Girl. Daring, power, flexibility, originality and expression are just some of the characteristics of a real 'breaker'.


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