Fatty_K was born in 1985 in Antwerp, Belgium as Ken Flamant. As a teenager he always wanted to be a drummer. But because of the lack of a drum set he began  imitating drum rhythms with his mouth.

As a “beat boxer” he soon got his name known. He won countless beat box battles, three Belgian championships and was noticed by a national TV station called VRT. He started appearing in a television music show where he imitated famous songs by beatboxing them and he toured with the most famous radiostation in Belgium. He also performed in countless concerts around his home country with symphonic orchestras, differentchoirs and performed in a musical tour with a few famous Belgium actresses called “No Nonsense”.

After all that “showbizz” he went back to his roots performing with the Dutch hip hop talent Raw Jawz and got back to the underground scene. He entered the championships again and became the official Belgium champ in 2006. The international judges loved his show and unanimously decided that Fatty K was part of the top of the world.

His musical talent has been picked up throughout the years by a lot of different media and organisations. He performed on a lot of Belgium networks like TMF, Jim TV, VRT,… Besides that he performed in the most prestigious clubs throughout Belgium and Holland, and showcased a lot of festivals and parties.

Since 2010 Fatty_K started collaborating with Dj Dysfunkshunal which resulted in “Man VS Machine”, a unique concept where the Human Beatbox goes head to head with the Deejay. This concept has been picked up by promotors real quick which resulted in them playing a few large Belgian festivals (laundry Day, Club Soda, …) and a few unique showcases at BB King’s House of Blues and Santos Party House in New York City. After that he became the in-house beatboxer for Urbanice on Radio MnM and participated in Belgium’s Got Talent on VTM with his new vocal band “Wait A Minute”, where they reached the semi-final.

For 2015 he has prepared a new showcase which will blow you away. He will take you on a musical journey where he will playfully go through all the main genres of music. It will also be the year of his first solo studio release. Fatty_K is an artist who is respected by all generations and leaves a lasting impression everywhere he performs. Just past summer he performed on Pukkelpop where he left the crowd stunned and that was just the beginning…

Bookings: info@marmaladeproductions.be.

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